Quiz on Irrigation System

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(01). Drip irrigation is the best method of irrigation for localised application of water.

(02). The efficiency of drip irrigation as high as 90-95%.

(03). 40% water is lost in surface irrigation?

(04). The advantages of drip irrigation system are as follows:

  • Very high efficiency of water use and better yield.
  • Efficient application of fertilizers and plant protection.
  • Minimal weed problem and no soil erosion.

(05). Fogger is not a component of drip system.

(06). Chrysanthemum is an ideal crop for drip system.

(07). The another name of sprinkler irrigation system is overhead irrigation system.

(08). The efficiency of sprinkler system is as high as 80%.

(09). The drip irrigation system was discovered in Israel.

(10). Sprinkler system of irrigation is suitable for undulating land and sandy soil.

(11). The percentage of applied water in the soil and made available for consumptive use by crop is known as irrigation efficiency.

(12). The Ganga river basin is the biggest river basin of India?

(13). Indian agriculture is rainfed agriculture.

(14). Indira Gandhi Canal is the largest canal of India.

(15). Irrigation scheduling is the process of determining when to irrigate and how much water to apply.

(16). 50% soil moisture depletion is the ideal stage for applying water to the crop?

(17). Drippers are the volumetric method of water measurement?

(18). Parshall flume and venturi flume are the most common water flow measuring device which measures water flow in open conduit.

(19). Flooding method is suitable for lowland rice and jute?

(20). Check basin is the most common method of surface irrigation to irrigate groundnut and pulses.

(21). Ring is the best method for fruit crops.

(22). In border strip method, field is divided into the number of strips by bund of around 15 cm height.

(23). More than 2.5 bar pressure is applied in sprinkler irrigation system

(24). More than 1000 l/h is the rate of water delivery in sprinkler system.

(25). Trickle system is the another name of drip system.

(26). 1-4 l/h is the discharge rate of water from per dripper.

(27). 25-50% is the saving of water in sprinkler method as compared to surface irrigation.

(28). 50-70% is the saving of water in drip method as compared to surface irrigation.

(29). 85 will be CPE value when irrigation is scheduled at 0.8 IW/CPE with 6.0 cm depth of irrigation water.

(30). The water requirement of maize is 50-80 cm.