Quiz on Vitamins

Quiz on Vitamins

Why this quiz on vitamins?

Vitamins are major topic of agriculture, especially horticulture. In this quiz you will find important questions on vitamins.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are complex organic nutrients required in small amounts in the diet, for a variety of biochemical functions and helping in maintenance of normal growth and health.

There are two types of vitamins

Fat soluble vit.
Water soluble vit.

In plants vit. A precursors occur and known as carotenoids (provitamin A). The have an additional ionone ring attached to side chain. Depending on the type of second ionone ring, carotenoids are of three types. Carotenoids splits in the intestine to give rise to vit. A. The beta carotene produces two molecules of vit. A, while alpha and gamma carotenes give only one molecule of vit. A.

Vit. B complex

Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, folic acid, Cynocobalamine, Lipic acid, Choline, Inositol, Para amino benoic acid or PABA.

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Quiz on Vitamins

Question 01. Which is a fat soluble vitamin?

(a). Vit. A
(b). Vit. D
(c). Vit. E and K
(d). All of the above

Question 02. Which is a water soluble vit?

(a). Vit. C
(b). Vit. B complex
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 03. Which is pyridoxine?

(a). Vit. B2
(b). Vit. B6
(c). Vit. B7
(d). Vit. B9

Question 04. Which type of V
vitamins require lipoproteins for transport?

(a). Fat soluble
(b). Water soluble
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 05. What is the molecular weight of vit. A1?

(a). 288
(b). 287
(c). 286
(d). 289

Question 06. Which is a type of carotenoids?

(a). Alpha
(b). Beta
(c). Gamma
(d). All of the above

Question 07. What is the plant source of vit. A?

(a). Ripe yellow fruit
(b). Unripe green fruit
(c). Both a and b
(d). None of the above

Question 08. What is the most important function of vit. A?

(a). Maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissues of the body
(b). Normal growth of the body
(c). Synthesis of glycoproteins
(d). Visual process

Question 09. Who elucidated Visual phototransduction?

(a). George Wald
(b). Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
(c). Aylmer Bourke Lambert
(d). Lars Levi Laestadius

Question 10. Who discovered vitamin?

(a). Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
(b). Ernest Brown Babcock
(c). Friedrich Ernst Ludwig von Fischer
(d). William Turner Thiselton-Dyer



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