RAEO Model Questions: Agricultural Officer

RAEO Model Questions

Read Model Questions on RAEO entrance exam. Multiple choice objective questions.

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Model Questions on RAEO

Question 01. Of which crop is Flavr-savr a variety?.

(a). Guava.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Brinjal.
(d). Grapes.

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Question 02. What is the cause of pungency in mustard oil?

(a). Sonalbin.
(b). Glucobrassicin.
(c). Glucosinolates.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 03. Which is responsible for methane production in a bio gas plant?

(a). Methanobacteria.
(b). Thermococcus.
(c). Hydrobacteria.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 04. By which name is pollination by a bird known?

(a). Orinthophily.
(b). Animophily.
(c). Entomophily.
(d). None of the above.

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Question 05. Which is the most effective herbicide against phalaris minor?

(a). 2, 4- D.
(b). Glyphosate.
(c). Isoproturon.
(d). Stamp F-34.

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Question 06. Why do we do a blotter test?

(a). Bacteria.
(b). Fungi.
(c). Virus.
(d). MLO.

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Question 07. What is the oganic source of nicotine?

(a). Opium.
(b). Tobacco.
(c). Poppy.
(d). All of the above.

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Question 08. Where is the Kinnauri apple mostly produced?

(a). Laddakh.
(b). Uttrakhand.
(c). J & K.
(d). H.P.

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Question 09. Which is the flood tolerant rice variety?

(a). Bhavani.
(b). Scuba rice.
(c). IR 20.
(d). IR 30.

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Question 10. When was NHM set up?

(a). 2000-2001.
(b). 2002-2003.
(c). 2005-2006.
(d). 2007-2008.

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Rural Agricultural Extension Officer MCQ (RAEO)

Question 11. First MSP was announced by Indian government in..?

(a). 1666-67.
(b). 1967-68.
(c). 1968-69.
(d). 1970-71.

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Question 12. Yellow coloured fruits are rich in..?

(a). Vit. B.
(b). Vit. D.
(c). Vit. A.
(d). Vit. C.

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Question 12. Nitrogen content in anhydrous ammonia is..?

(a). 85%.
(b). 68%.
(c). 83%.
(d). 82%.

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Question 13. Constituent of chlorophyll is..?
(a). Mn.
(b). Mg.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). Water.

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14…. is the selective herbicide for broad leaved plants

(a) Paraquat.
(b) Diquat. .
(c) 2, 4-D.
(d) None.

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  1. Silver shoot symptoms in rice is due to….

(a) Gall midge.
(b) GLH.
(c) BPH.
(d). Powdery mildew.

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  1. Photolysis of water occur during

(a). Respiration.
(b). Dark reaction.
(c). Cyclic photophosphorylation. (d) Non-cyclic photophosphorylation.

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  1. Vernalization treatment is necessary for

(a). Flowering.
(b). Vegetative growth.
(c). Fruiting.
(d). Germination.

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  1. Mean, Median & Mode are same in the distribution

(a). Standard.
(b). Binomial.
(c). Normal.
(d). Poisson.

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  1. Marthandam project was started by

(a). F.L. Brayne.
(b). Spencer Hatch.
(c). Shitole.
(d). S.D. Dey.

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  1. ..is called as stress hormone

(a). Auxin.
(b). Gibberllins.
(c). Cytokinin.
(d). ABA.

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Quiz on RAEO

21……. is the migratory pest

(a). Caterpillars.
(b). Nematodes.
(c). Locusts.
(d) Mites.

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22….. is the father of rose breeding

(a). Dr. B.P. Pal.
(b). Mukherjee.
(c). Bhattachaterji.
(d). None of the above.

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  1. Which of the following is a total root parasite?

(a). Cuscuta.
(b). Orabanche.
(c). Striga.
(d). Loranthus.

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  1. The Brix reading of sugarcane should be before harvest?

(a). 16-18%.
(b). 18-22% .
(c). 22-24%.
(d). 24-26%.

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25.Bitterness in groundnut is due to

(a). Alkaloid.
(b). Tannin.
(c). Chemical spraying.
(d). Aflatoxin.

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  1. …… discovered the animal cell first

(a). Swan.
(b). Schleiden.
(c). Robert Hook.
(d). Robert Brown.

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  1. Yellow revolution is related to

(a). Fisthery.
(b). Agroindustry.
(c). Onion.
(d). Oilseed.

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  1. The is done to obtain virus free plants

(a). Pollen culture.
(b). Cell culture.
(c). Embryo culture.
(d). Meristem culture.

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29.……is the site of beta oxidation in the cell.

(a). Chloroplast.
(b). Vacuole.
(c). Mitochondria.
(d) Ribosomes.

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  1. The 2n no. of Apple is

(a). 32.
(b). 34
(c). 24.
(d). 40.

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Agricultural Entrance Exam Test

  1. The storage temperature of Banana is
    (a). 10°C.
    (b). 13°C.
    (c). 14-15°C.
    (d) 8-9°C.

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  1. ….is the cheapest for inducing artificial ripening of Banana

(a). Ethrel.
(b). 2, 4-0.
(c). Calcium carbide.
(d). Acetylene.

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  1. Which of the following crop show protandry

(a). Carrot.
(b). Tomato.
(c). Chilli.
(d). Brinjal.

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Question 34. Average speed is calculated by using..?
(a). Harmonic mean.
(b). Contraharmonic mean.
(c). Generalized mean.
(d). A and b.

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Question 35. Simplest measures of dispersion is..?
(a). IQR.
(b). MAD.
(c). Range.
(d). SD.

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