Ranikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms

Ranikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms

What is Ranikhet

Ranikhet or Newcastle disease is a disastrous disease of poultry. It is a viral disease of poultry farm. Due to its severeness, the disease is one of the most economic importance disease of the broiler and layer industries. In this post we will know about the most characteristics symptoms of ranikhet disease in hen.

Post titleRanikhet Most Characteristics Symptoms
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Main topicSymptoms of the disease


(1). Ranikhet Characteristics Symptoms in chicks
(2). Ranikhet Characteristics Symptoms in hens (adults)
(3). Stages of the disease

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(1). Ranikhet characteristics symptoms in chicks

1.1 Problem in respiration

  • The bird face difficulty during respiration.
  • Normal respiration is absent, and due to the absence of normal respiration the birds open their mouth to complete it.
  • As a result of this, they produce a whistling sound.

1.2 Problem in eating

  • All poultry birds stop eating, they don’t pick up the grain, specially the chicks.
  • Water uptake is more than the poultry feed.

1.3 General appearance

  • Birds seem to be sleeping.
  • Chicken’s body appears to vibrate.
  • Clear stumbling in legs.

1.4 Dying of chicks

  • Chicks start to dying just after the appearance of disease.
  • They produce a sound like “Chi-Chi” just before dying.

1.5 Cold

  • Chicks feel cold.
  • They start to gather near the light source in brooder.

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(2). Ranikhet Characteristics Symptoms in hens (adults)

2.1 Problem in egg laying

  • Egg laying hens stops egg laying.

2.2 Problem in respiration

  • Adult birds stretch their neck to make respiration easy.
  • The problem of respiration in adult birds is very severe.
  • Drooling from the mouth.

2.3 Problem in feeding

  • The diseased birds don’t feed.
  • They face the problem of diarrhoea.
  • The colour of the diarrhoea is green.
  • It is very smelly.

2.4 Appearance of the bird

  • The birds stumble during their walk.
  • Symptom of lounging in legs and weathers.
  • Birds stare toward the sky with a twisted neck.

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(3). Stages of the disease

(1). Virulent form.
(2). Mesogenic form.
(3). Lentogenic form.
(4). Asymptomatic.

(1). Virulent form

  • More diseases occurs in this form.
  • Virulent form ranges from 3 – 4.
  • 100% death can be seen.
  • High fever is very common.
  • Birds face problem in respiration.
  • Whistling sound during respiration.
  • Trembling of body.
  • Frequent diarrhoea.
  • Paralysis of legs.

(2). Mesogenic form

  • Death rate is low.
  • The death rage ranges from 5-20%.
  • A bird still faces problem in respiration.
  • Green diarrhoea is the characteristics symptom.
  • Symptom of paralysis in legs.
  • The egg laying capacity is significantly low.

(3). Lentogenic form

  • Death rate is relatively low.
  • The respiration problem is not severe.
  • There is a swelling in trachea.
  • Death rate is very low in adult hens, but egg laying capacity is low.

(4). Asymptomatic

  • Young age chicks are affected.

Major symptoms are as follows:

  • Cough.
  • Reverse walk.
  • Bent neck between the two legs.

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