Rural Agriculture Extension Officer (RAEO): Criteria, Work, Salary

RAEO or Rural Agriculture Extension Officer is a field level Officer, generally under the department of Horticulture. It is a state government post.

The person or the employee associated with this post is known as RAEO.

Similiar post: RHEO

General info.: RAEO or Rural Rural Agriculture Extension Officer.

Type Government service (State Government Post)

Commonly Known as: RAEO, Rural Rural Agriculture Exention Officer  Exention Officer.

Works under: SADO, Senior Rural Agriculture Extension Officer  Development Officer.

Grade 03: (class three)

Grade pay: 2,400 – 2,800.

Field of Work: Villages.

Also read: Senior Agriculture Development Officer

(1). Eligiblity Criteria

1.1 PAT

Students have to clear PAT or Pre Agricultural Test for B. Sc. Agriculture Degree Programme.

1.2 B. Sc. Agriculture

The B. Sc. Agriculture is a 4 year’s degree programme.

A student has to clear 4 year’s degree programme to be eligible for the post.

The Master of Science in Agriculture or M. Sc. Ag. is a 2-year degree programme.

Students who have degree of B. Sc. Ag., are eligible for this post.

What with B. Sc. Science Degree?

B. Sc.  (including biology)

B. Sc. Science is a no-semester degree programme. Generally, it is a 3-year degree programme.

It doesn’t require any competition  exam to get into a common B. Sc. Degree Programme.

Science, particularly biology, is associated with the study of different living beings.

Students are not eligible with B. Sc. Science.

Also read: Senior Horticulture Development Officer

(2). Procedures of Selection

Step 01. Completing PAT..

Complete B. Sc.

Step 02. Completing B. Sc. Ag.

Complete 4 year’s degree programme.

Step 03. Clearing entrance exam related with this post

Now, a candidate has to clear the entrance exam related with this post.

Notification of vacant posts is released by the department. Exam conducting body may be different.

(3). Works and Duties of an Rural Rural Agriculture Exention Officer  Exention Officer

As follows:

  • Extension works.
  • Training works.
  • Execution of annual plans and schemes.
  • Field visits.
  • Training.

3.1 Extension works

Research and Technology

New methods and technologies are discovered by the regional research stations. It may be a KVK, State Agricultural University or other governmental institute.

The exists methods and technologies along with new findings are

Also read: Assistant Director of Agriculture


Extension of current plans and schemes is very important.

3.2 Training

1. Training to self-help groups.
2. Training in Kisan Mela.
3. Training in any Programme.

All training are related with management practice.


First, training for farm management practice s.
Second, training for production of ermicompost.

3.3 Execution of Annual Plans and Schemes

Each RAEO is assigned with a fix number of target for each year.

Example of some plans and schemes are as follows:

1. Distribution of crop seeds.
2. Narwa Garwa Ghurwa Bari.
3. Sour Sujala Yojana.

Brief Explanation

Distribution of crop seeds

1. Eligiblity: ST, SC, OBC, General.
2. Subsidy: 75 – 90% or free.

Contact person: RAEO.

Narwa Garwa Ghurwa Bari

1. Eligiblity: ST, SC, OBC, General.
2. Subsidy: 75 – 90%.

Contact person: Rural Agricultural Extension Officer

Sour Sujala Yojana

1. Eligiblity: All categories.
2. Subsidy: 75%.

3.4 Filed Visit

Each RAEO is given 4 – 10 Villages. According to daily schedule, an avfo has to visit the field.

3.5 Attending Meetings

  • Meetings of Veterinary Field Officer.
  • Meetings of Assistant Director.
  • Meeting of SDM.
  • Meeting of DM.

Example of Duties

  • Kisan Mela
  • Extension.
  • Exhibition.


  • Agricultural cams.
  • Other camps.

Election duty

Election duties (during the time of election).

Also read: Assistant Director of Horticulture

(4). Salary of a RAEO

Acording to 7th grade pay..

1. Pay scale is 2,400 – 2,800.
2. Starting salary is 26,000+ INR.


After certain period, a RAEO is promoted to the post of Agriculture Development Officer.

(5). Explanation of Post Related Words

Field Officer

A field officeris a category of officer. All field officers from agriculture and its allied sectors work hard to achieve government’s goals by executing annual plans.

Grade pay

The grade pay or pay scale is a unit which tells how much amount a employee would get per month for his work or duty.

Grade scale is different for different employees, and it is based on the grade of the post.

(6). Frequently Asked Questions

Quetion 01. What is class three post?

Answer: A class three post is the post of Non-Gazetted Officers. The class three post can be identified by its pay scale.


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