Small Farmer Landholding

Small farmer Landholding

What is the Landholding of a small farmer?

Answer: A farmer who has land holding of 2.5 acre or more but less than 5 acre is a small farmer.

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Which India state has more numbers of small farmers?

Answer: India states such as Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. have more numbers of small farmers.

Which Indian category belongs to small farmers?

Answer: All categories including ST, SC, OBC and General, belong to small farmers. ST and SC have less land holding.

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Small farmer definition

Small farmer land holding is 2.5 – 5 acre.

How do a farmer become small farmer?

Answer: There are many reasons, some are as follows..

  1. By selling his own land.
  2. Division of land among families.
  3. Land takeovers by local government or administration.
  4. Land takeovers by others.

How to become a big farmer?

Answer: There are many ways. Some of these are as follows..

  1. Purchase land.
  2. Ask for land to local government or administration.
  3. Ask for land as donation to any rich person.

But, never follow an unethical way.

What are the benefits of being a small farmer?

Answer: There are many benefits of being a small farmer..

  1. Benefits of many schemes by state and central government.
  2. Benefit of subsidy.

*Note= Subsidy is more than big farmers.

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What are some government schemes for small farmers

Answer: Pack house scheme, vegetable farming, flower cultivation, field crop cultivation, saur sujala scheme.

Drip irrigation, mulching, production of vermicompost, production of farm yard manure.

What are the examples of some government department which have schemes for small farmers?

Answer: Departments are as follows..

(1). Department of agriculture.
(2). Department of horticulture.
(3). Department of fisheries.
(4). Department of animal husbandry.
(5). Department of agroforestry.

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What are the other categories of farmers

Answer: The other categories of farmers are as follows..

Marginal farmers and Big farmers.

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