Syllabus Vegetable Grafting Training

Vegetable grafting

Definition, Importance, types: cleft, Japanese method, Inarching.

What is cleft grafting?
What is Japanese method of grafting?
What is inarching?

Is grafting possible in open field condition?

Steps in vegetable grafting

Selection of rootstock


Resistant to soil borne pathogen
Resistant to nematode
Perennial or annual
Plant vigour

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Brinjal Grafting Training

Brinjal, Tomato, Chilli Grafting Training

Selection of scion

Rootstock and scion compatibility
Best variety
Compatible to local climate
Demand in market

What is cambium?

Introduction to cambium
About cambium layer
Location of cambium tissues
What is the role of cambium in vegetable grafting?
Alignment of the cambium tissues of scion with the cambium tissues of rootstock

Raising of rootstock: Wild brinjal and other rootstocks

Treatment of seeds

Water treatment
Plant hormone treatment
Heat treatment
N treatment

Growing media

Raising of scion: Brinjal, Tomato, chilli

Farm yard manure

Size of rootstock and scion

What should be the actual size of rootstock and scion?

Grafting chamber

What is grafting chamber?
What is need of grafting chamber?
What is the importance of a grafting chamber?

Healing chamber

What is healing chamber?
Components of a healing chamber
How to make healing chamber: Materials and method
Light intensity in a healing camber


Temperature for brinjal grafting
Temperature for tomato grafting
Temperature for chilli grafting

Grafting practice

Keeping it in healing chamber
Managing temperature
Managing moisture
Managing light intensity
Healing of graftage
Seive connection
Healing period
Callus formation

Advance tools and technologies


Introduction to system and learning by doing


  1. What is vegetable grafting?
  2. Introduction and definition.
    03 Methods of grafting.
  3. Steps in vegetable grafting.
  4. Healing chamber: What is healing chamber?
  5. How to make a healing chamber, making of healing chamber.
  6. Method and materials.
  7. Introduction to advance tools and technologies
  8. Relative humidity: How much humidity is ideal?