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  • MCQ on Agriculture and Economics

    Read mcq on agriculture economics. This post includes the following topics: 1. Nature and importance of agriculture. 2. Trends in agricultural production and productivity, and factors determining productivity.3. Agricultural policy. 4. Land reforms. 5. New agricultural strategies and green revolution. 6. Rural credit. 7. Agricultural marketing. Agri economics part 02 (Read part 01: Agricultural Economics […]

  • Agricultural Economics Multiple Choice Questions

    Read MCQ or Multiple Choice Questions on Agricultural Economics. This page is updated. Agricultural Economics Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Also read: General Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions Econometrics Multiple Choice Questions Agricultural Economics MCQ Question 01. KCC was introduced in India..? (a). In September 1998.(b). In October 1998.(c). In July 1998.(d). In August 1998. *New: Buy […]