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  • Major Virus Poultry Diseases and Management

    Major poultry or avian diseases by virus Poultry diseases are the diseases of avian which affect the different breeds of poultry, such as hen, duck, common quail, etc. Bacterial and viral diseases are the two major categories of avian diseases. In this post we, will know about the major poultry diseases caused by the virus. […]

  • Bacterial Poultry Diseases: Symptoms and Management

    Major bacterial poultry diseases Poultry, e.g., hen, duck, quail, especially hens are severely affected by the major avian diseases. We will know about the 4 major bacterial poultry diseases, their symptoms and, control and management practices. List of poultry diseases caused by bacteria: (1). Infectious coryza.(2). C. R. D.(3). Fowl colera.(4). Pullorum disease. Contents (1). […]