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  • Pasteurization Method of Compost Making

    Pasteurization method of Compost making for button mushroom What’s about this method? Post: Button mushroom compost making. This method is modern method of compost making. It has two stages, first is preparation of compost, and second is pasteurization. S.N. Heading Subheadings 01. Procedure of preparation of compost (A): Required materials.(B): Short or pasteurization method of […]

  • Compost making for button mushroom

    Long method of compost making for button mushroom What is compost for button mushroom? It is a decayed organic material which is used as a media for growing mushroom. Why is it necessary? Composting is necessary for the following reasons: Reason 01: Straw becomes soft. The weight of wet straw is 550-600 kg/m^3. Reason 02: […]