Growth Substances (PGR) for Tomato

Use of Growth Substance (PGR) in Tomato The growth substances play definite role in the production of tomato. What is a growth substance? A plant growth substance may be any plant nutrient or a plant growth regulator. These substance, especially plant growth regulators play a major role in growth, flowering, fruiting and yield of tomato… Continue reading Growth Substances (PGR) for Tomato

PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)

PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators or Plant Growth Hormones Read objective questions on PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) or phytohormones. Topics: Auxin, gibberllin, cytokinin, ABA, ethylene, brassinosteroids. Type Online Mock Test Test number 01 Number of questions 25 Also read: Plant Physiology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Plant Growth Regulators MCQ Question 01. Which one is a… Continue reading PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)