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  • Answer Key MCQ: Agriculture Quiz

    Answer key page This page includes answer key for the following topics S. No. Name of MCQ 01. MCQ On Loose Flowers 02. MCQ On Fibre (Fiber) Crops 03. MCQ On Experimental Designs: Agricultural Statistics 04. MCQ on Essential Plant Nutrients 05. MCQ on Rural Development Programmes 01. MCQ On Loose Flowers Answer key: 1-10 […]

  • Plant Physiology MCQ With Answers

    Plant physiology MCQ: Objective questions with answers Read questions on Plant Physiology. Multiple choice objective questions (MCQ). Topics: Introduction to plant physiology, soil plant relationship, plant nutrients, micro and macro nutrients, plant cell and functions, photosynthesis, light reaction, dark reaction, photorespiration, transpiration, Plant Growth Regulators, physiological disorders of fruit-plants, physiological disorders of vegetable-plants, and physiological […]

  • PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators (Phytohormones)

    PGR MCQ: Plant Growth Regulators or Plant Growth Hormones Read objective questions on PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) or phytohormones. Topics: Auxin, gibberllin, cytokinin, ABA, ethylene, brassinosteroids. Type Online Mock Test Test number 01 Number of questions 25 Also read: Plant Physiology MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Plant Growth Regulators MCQ Question 01. Which one is a […]