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  • RAEO Questions: Entomolgy, Plant Pathology and Horticulture

    RAEO Previous Year Questions Also read: RAEO Questions: Previous Year MCQ Question 01. What is the cause of whiptail in cauliflower? (a). Deficiency of molybdenum(b). Deficiency of zinc(c). Deficiency of boron(d). Deficiency of iron Question 02. Trichogramma is a biological control agent. Why is it used for? (a). Controlling insect-pests(b). Controlling crop diseases(c). Controlling crop […]

  • RAEO Previous Year Questions (2019)

    RAEO Previous Year Questions This page includes RAEO 2019 questions. Name RAEO Previous Year Questions Type MCQ, Multiple choice objective questions Related exam RAEO, Rural Agricultural Extention Officer Also read: CG RHEO Previous Year Questions: 01 RAEO Previous Year Questions: MCQ RAEO previous year questions Question 01. In most cases, what should be the outer […]