Tag: Rice Cultivation Method

  • Lehi Method in Rice Cultivation

    लेही विधि से धान की खेती (Lehi method in paddy or rice) What is lehi method in paddy or rice? Lehi is a method of sowing or cultivation of rice or paddy. It is adopted in high rainfall areas. Pre germination is necessary in case of this method of sowing. कृषकों को अधिकतर एक ऐसी […]

  • उन्नत खुर्रा बोनी Khurra Boni in Rice

    Khurra Boni in Rice or Paddy (धान में खुर्रा बोनी) What is khurra boni in rice? Khurra boni in rice or paddy is a method of sowing of paddy seed. In this method paddy is grown in upland area. Transplanting, SRI (System of Rice Intensification), etc., are the other methods of sowing in paddy. Contents […]