Best Grafting and Pruning Secateurs

Int this post, entitled ‘The Best Grafting and Pruning Secateur‘, you will know about the best grafting secateur available in market for grafting mango, cashew nut, and for the different gardening operations such as pruning, cutting etc.

(1). Introduction: The Best Grafting Secateur

What is a plant or garden secateur?

A plant secateur is a type of scissor which is used by the gardeners to perform different gardening operation. The use of secateur in mango grafting is an example of it.

Example: Cutting operation of scion and rootstock.

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(2). Required characteristics

Easy to operate

It should be convenient and very easy to use.

Simple design

Design should be simple.


It should be compact. The secateur should be tough enough to cut off any hardwood during grafting and pruning.


The sharpness of the equipment should be similar to the razor blades.


You must have heard that “रुपये पेड़ पर नहीं लगते।”

Paying more than its value is not a great deal.

There are many such products in the market which have high price but their work quality is inferior.

Example: Different name for the same product-

SK organic grafting cutting shear.
Yewoow secateur
HASTHIP prune shear snip grafting cutting tool.

Smooth work

All parts should work smoothly.

Avoid following things during online purchase

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(3). Which is the best secateur used in grafting?

Name: Jetfire flamingo orange garden shear
Operation: Single hand.


Upper blade: 4.5 cm sharp edge. It is a stainless steel.

Lower blade: It is 4.6 cm long. It is a stainless steel.

Bronze metal: The bronze metal slot is 4.1 cm long. It is a part of lower blade.

Blades are locked by using lock key which is located at the base of the lower blade.

Handle: Handles are covered with plastic material.



Upper blades: Upper blade is very sharp. It has a very sharp edge.

Lower blade: It doesn’t have a sharp edge. The lower blade consists a bronze metal. A …. cm long and … cm width rectangular slot in bronze metal receives the sharp edge of the upper blade during pruning operation.

Design and appearance

It has very simple design. Appearance is eye catching.


It is very tough.


It works very smoothly.


The edge of the upper blade is very sharp.


Its price is too low.

Best Grafting and Budding tape

(4). Why this?

This is the best secateur used by the gardeners. This is a common garden tools used by the maali (gardener) in a government plant nursery.

Frequently asked questions

Question 01. What are the other grafting tools?

Answer: The other grafting tools are as follows-

Carving blades.
Grafting tape (read about the grafting tape).

Question 02. What are the different use of secateurs?

Answer: A secatuer is used for the following gardening operations-

Pruning shear photo


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