Tips for duck farming

Tips for duck farming

It is very necessary to know about the basic principles of duckery or duck farming to become successful in this business. In this post we will know about some important tips for duck farming.

Tips and basic principles of duck farming

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Step 01-06

  1. Ducks are resistant to many avian diseases. But always purchase vaccinated birds.
  2. Government poultry or duck farm are the best place to buy ducklings.
  3. Contact a veterinary doctor for vaccination.
  4. Do regular monitoring for infected birds.
  5. Separate weak birds and treat them separately.
  6. You can take help from a veterinarian to treat the birds.

Step 07-10

  1. Keep your duck house in dry condition. Use disinfectant to keep it free from the harmful microorganisms.
  2. A farm should have same breeds of duck. Don’t rear different breeds together.
  3. Don’t avoid derworming.
  4. Deworming is same as in hens. Start derworming with adult birds. Perform it regularly at the intervals of 30 to 45 days. You can vist the department of animal husbandry to get the right medicine.

Step 11-15

  1. Clean or disinfect derworming machine on regular basis. Although you can use new equipment each time.
  2. Choose healthy and big size eggs for hatching.
  3. Use best quality incubators for  artificial hatching.
  4. Keep only one duck for 10 hens.
  5. You have to separate male ducks for egg production business.

Step 16-20

  1. Culling: Do occasional culling. Separate weak and old birds.
  2. Chicks born during the winter season are good.
  3. Don’t use 7-days old eggs for incubation.
  4. The broad-end of the egg should face upside during brooding.
  5. The broody hen should be healthy.

Step 21-25

  1. A farm owner should have an excellent broody hen.
  2. Make a square and shallow water holding body just before the main entrance of the farm. Use disinfectant in this place. Farm visitors should go through from here before entering into the farm.
  3. Always serve the ducks with balanced food materials.
  4. Botulism is one of the major problem in duck farming. So, do not feed them rotten food.
  5. A duck house requires 17 hours of light. Per duck light requirement is 40 to 60 watt.

Step 26-30

  1. Manage for artificial light.
  2. Dip the poultry feed in water before serving the ducks during the summer season.
  3. Collect the eggs either during the morning, afternoon, or  evening.
  4. Feeder should be kept clean.
  5. Do regular inspection for disease, weak ducks, harmful pests, etc.

Step 31 – 36

  1. Virus affected birds should be burnt completely.
  2. Make a quarantine room.
  3. Don’t keep old ducks. It will reduce the egg production capacity of a farm.
  4. Don’t change the duck feed very fast. To change it, mix the new feed with 50% of old feed.
  5. Keep the temperature of a duck house below 90°F.
  6. Paint the roof of farm with white colour paint.

The most important thing:

Make a pond for your ducks. Always fill it with fresh water. You can release some desi breeds of shrimps and fishes to cut the feed expenses.

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