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Top 10 Ornamental Plants in India

Top Demand Ornamental Plants in India

Here is the list of top demanded Ornamental Plants in India

This list is incomplete

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01: Poinsettia

Common name: Poinsettia
Scientific name: Euphorbia pulcherrima
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Type: Foliage plant


General description: The new shoots produce bright red and green leaves. Upper leaves are red and lover leaves are green. We can grow it as a tall ornamental plant or a pot plant. Pruning is necessary for pot plants. It prefers full exposure of sunlight.
Method of propagation: Poinsettia is propagated by vegetative propagation method. The method of propagation is soft and hardwood cutting. Softwood cutting is a better option for producing pot plants.
Manures and fertilizers: Organic manure is best for poinsettia.
Irrigation: Weekly irrigation is necessary.
Problems: No major problem.
Care: Regularly pruning, manuring and irrigation

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02: Cordyline

Common name: Cordyline
Scientific name: Cordyline spp.
Family: Asparagaceae
Type: Evergreen foliage plant


General description: It is also known as Ti plant. Cordyline is a single stemmed foliage shrub which has beautiful spear-shaped leathery leaves. It comes with many colours. Leaves can be green, red, yellow, white, purple, or purplish-red. The plant prefers full sunlight.
Method of propagation: Underground stem or rhizomes.
Manures and fertilizers: NPK and Farm Yard Manure.
Irrigation: 2 irrigation in a month.
Problems: No major problem.
Care: Regularly remove dry leaves.

03: Marigold

Common name: Marigold
Scientific name: Tagetes spp.
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Blooming flower plant


General description: Marigold is a beautiful seasonal plant. It can grown in all season. The marigold flowers come in many sizes and colours. Yellow and red colours are common. African marigold bears large size flowers. French marigold produces small size flowers. Summer season flowers are bushy while rainy season plants are tall. Pusa narangi gainda is an excellent variety of African marigold.
Method of propagation: Vegetative propagation method: Tip shoot. Seed propagation method: Mature seeds.
Manures and fertilizers: Use 19:19:19 fertilizer. Don’t forget to use farm yard manure.
Irrigation: Weekly irrigation during summer season.
Problems: Leaf eating caterpillars.
Care: Frequent irrigation and timely fertigation.

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04: Croton

Common name: Croton
Scientific name: Croton spp.
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Type: Beautiful colour foliage


General description: Croton is a colourful leaf foliage plant. It has many species. The plants come in variety of shape and colour. It is a shade loving plant. Some species of croton are as follows:

  • Zanzibar croton
  • Iceton croton
  • Victoria Gold Bell Croton
  • Super star croton
  • Suny star croton
  • Petra croton
  • Oak leaf croton
  • Mother and daughter croton
  • Mammy croton
  • Laurence rainbow croton
  • Gold dust croton
  • Florida star croton
  • Gold star croton
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Croton
  • Bush on fire croton
  • Banana croton
  • Andrew croton
  • Magnificent croton
  • Picasso’s Paintbrush Croton
  • Chocolate Caricature Jamaican Croton
  • Dreadlocks croton

Method of propagation: Soft and hardwood cutting
Manures and fertilizers: 19:19:19 and farm yard manure
Irrigation: Weekly irrigation is necessary.
Problems: Direct sunlight
Care: Keep it in shady place.

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Scientific name:


General description:
Method of propagation:
Manures and fertilizers:

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Method of propagation:
Manures and fertilizers:

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