Trouble Shooting in Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump may face many technical problems. So, technical knowledge is necessary to Troubleshoot the Problem in Centrifugal Pump.

We should have knowledge about the cause of the problems and their remedies.

Trouble Shooting in Centrifugal Pump

(A).Water discharge
(B).Low water discharge
(C).Discontinued water discharge
(D).Less pressure
*Note: This trouble shooting article is its first part. It focuses only on the problems related with water delivery. Second part will focus on the different parts of a centrifugal pump.

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(A): Problem with water delivery

Situation: No water discharge

S. N.CausesExplanationTrouble Shooting
01.No proper primingCasing and and pipes are not completely filled with waterDo proper priming
02.Height of delivery headHeight of the discharge is too highAdjust it.
03.Speed of the pumpThe speed of pump is insufficient for the head01: Adjust the belt.
02: Adjust the driving pulley.
04.Air leakingWhen air leaking occurs in packing gland in suction pipe.Replace the packing glands.
05. Height of suction heightWhen suction height is too highLower the pump, it should near the water source.
06.CloggingIf there is clogging in-
1. Impeller.
2. Suction pipe.
3. Foot valve
Chek all the three parts, and rectify.
Direction of shaftIf there is a wrong direction of the impeller shaftAdjust the direction of the impeller shaft.

(B). Low water discharge

Situation: There is low water discharge

S. N.CausesExplanationTrouble Shooting
01.Pump speedWhen pump speed is slow1. Just increase the speed of pump.
2. Use best size pulley.
02.Sunction lift heightWhen suction lift height is highLower down the pump nearer to the source of water.
03.Height of discharge headWhen discharge head is higher than the normal height1. Adjust friction of the pipe.
2. Increase the diameter of pipe.
04.CloggingIf there is clogging in:
1. Impeller
2. Suction pipe
1. Clean the pipe.
2. Clean the impeller.
05.Air pocketsIf there is air pocket in suction lineJoin the two separate pipes, tightly.
06.Stuffing box problems1. Worn stuffing box packing
2. Air lockage into pump casing
Replace them.
07.Size of foot valveThe size of foot valve is smallChoose and fit correct-size foot valve.
08.Situation of foot valveShallow footed foot valveFit it in deep water.
09.Old impellerOr it is damagedReplace it.
10.Packing of casingWhen there is defect in pump casingReplace it.
11.Wearing ringDamged wearing ringReplace it.

(C). Discontinued water discharge

Situation: No continue water delivery during irrigation

S. N.CausesExplantionTrouble Shooting
01.Air leackageWhen air leaks through glandsTight the packing glands inside stuffing box.
02.Air leackageWhen there is air leackage through glands in the suction lineRemove that segment.
03.ChokingChoking of impellerClean the impeller.
04.ChokingChoking of strainer of foot valveClean the foot valve.
05.Water levelWhen water level is lowLower the foot valve.
06.Problem with beltIf there is a slipping beltTight it.
07.Speed of engineWhen the speed of engine is lowIncrease it.
08.PrimingWhen clogging occurs in foot valve.Clean the foot valve of pump.

(D). Less pressure

Situation: Low water pressure while irrigation

S. N.CausesExplanationTrouble Shooting
01.Low speed Pump speed is lowIncrease the speed of engine.
02.LeakageThere is a leakage in suction lineSpot the leakage.
03.Damage impellerWhen impeller is damagedReplace it.
04.Problem with packing If there is a defect in packing Replace it.
05.Clogging1. Clogging in suction line
2. Clogging in trainer
3. Clogging in foot valve
Clean all.
06.Length of suction lineWhen it is too longReduce it to a reasonable length.
07.CloggingIf there is clogging in impeller Clean it.

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