Using Solanum torvum in Tomato Grafting

What is Solanum torvum

Solanum torvum is a species of wild brinjal, it is a very vigorous plant. S. torvum is a perennial plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, which shows resistance against soil borne diseases like wilt and plant nematode. Because of this quality, it is used as rootstock in vegetable grafting.

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Tomato grafting

At present, many improved and hybrid varieties of tomato are available in the market. Some of these varieties are resistant against diseases and pests. For a particular area, only a particular type of variety is recommended to the farmers. Because if we cultivate any variety, it is not necessary that the variety of tomato used by us will give the expected production. For the area for which the variety is recommended, only that variety should be cultivated by the farmers.

But in spite of this, as a farmer, one has to face the following problems:

Let us assume that Ramesh is a farmer, he has to cultivate tomato this year. When he goes to the market to buy seeds, the seller recommends planting the TM1 (for example) variety. Here TM1 is a very high yielding variety of tomato. In this way, Ramesh gets a lot of yield from its cultivation and he earns a lot of profit.

Impressed by the profit he got from this variety of tomato, he takes the crop of the same variety in the same field next year also. But this time half of his crops die due to wilt. Because of this, he suffers loss from tomato cultivation this year. This happened to him because this variety of tomato was sensitive to wilt.

To find a solution to this problem, Ramesh goes to the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The experts there advise Ramesh to cultivate grafted tomato plant. Now Ramesh goes to vegetable nursery so that he can buy tomato grafted plants. But due to the high cost of the plants, he does not take the plants from the nursery.

Ramesh decides that he will do the grafting himself but he does not know whether the rootstock of wild brinjal is suitable for grafting in tomato or not. Just here in vegetable grafting, he needs to understand the concept of compatibility, so that his grafting program become successful.

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What is compatibility?

When there is harmony in any two things, in their joint work, then it is called compatibility.

Meaning of compatibility in rootstock and scion: When we add scion to rootscok, it determines the compatibility that “whether the yield and other desired results obtained from the grafted plant are better than the non-grafted plant or not.”

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Questions with answers

Question 01. Can we use Solanum torvum or turkey berry for the grafting of tomato?

Answer: Yes we can take S. torvum as a rootstock in tomato grafting?

Question 02. Is turkey berry (S. trovum) compatible for tomato grafting?

Answer: Few varieties may show compatibility and few may not compatible with turkey berry in tomato grafting?

Question 03. Is Saho compatible with S. torvum?

Answer: No, it is not compatible with S. torvum.

Question 04. Is Abhilash compatible with S. torvum?

Answer: No, it is not compatible with S. torvum.

Question 05. Which variety of tomato is compatible with S. torvum?

Answer: We are working on it, you will find your answer soon from this page.

Question 06. Which rootstock is more compatible with S. torvum?

Answer: We have developed a better rootstock of brinjal for tomato grafting. It very compatible with S. torvum. You can buy this rootstock/seed materials. For this you can contact us.

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