What is Harit Kranti Vistar Yojana (BGREI)

Harit Kranti Vistar Yojana (BGREI)

The scheme Harit Kranti Vistar Yojana is a part of RKVY.

(1). Objectives of BGREI

  1. Inclusion of necessary components to increase the yield and productivity of field crops, especially rice and wheat.
  2. Soil water conservation.
  3. Rain water conservation by water-harvesting. This includes construction of ponds, check dams and other methods.
  4. Use of improved agricultural machines in cultivation.

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(2). Eligiblity for The Scheme

Farmers from all categories are eligible for this scheme. But, the farmers from following categories are given priority..

  1. Small Farmer.
  2. Marginal Farmer.
  3. ST and SC Farmers.
  4. Female Farmers.

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(3). Benefits of The Scheme

  1. Seed distribution. It is free of cost.
  2. Seed production programme.
  3. Bore well mining.
  4. Subsidy on new machines.
  5. Construction of check dams. Subsidy is 100% on government-lands.
  6. Small ponds. Subsidy is 100% on government-lands.

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(4). Contact

A farmer has to contact Rural Agricultural Extension Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01- What are the different sectors related with agriculture?


  1. Horticulture – Production/cultivation of fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants, and other activities.
  2. Veterinary – Livestock farming, management, marketing etc.
  3. Fisheries – Rearing and production of fish and other aquatic livings.

Question 02. What is SSR?

Answer: SSR or Seed Replacement Rate is a measure of cropped area covered with quality seeds. It is the way of farmer’s ‘double farm income’.

Question 03. Who are small farmers?

Answer: A farmer with 2.5 acre to 5 acres Agricultural land area is known as small farmer.

Question 04. Who are marginal farmers?

Answer: A farmer with Agricultural land area below 2.5 acre is known as marginal farmer.

Question 05. Who are big farmers?

Answer: A farmer with more than the 5 acres of agricultural land is known as big farmer.

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