What is Seed Plot Technique in Potato?

Seed Plot Technique in Potato‘, simply SPT in Potato or ‘लू में सीड प्लाट प्रौद्योगिकी‘ is a Scientific way of producing potato seeds. This technique is adopted to produce disease free seeds of potato.

In this post we will know about the step by step procedure taken in seed plot technique in potato.

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Step by Step Procedure in Seed Plot Technique of Potato

1. Sowing Seed

Quality of Seed: Virus free popato seeds.

Sowing time: October.

The virus free seeds of potato should be sown or planted in prepared plot up to the third week of October.

2. Treatment of Soil

Name of Chemical: Thimet (thimet is commonly known as phorate).

To control: Thimet or phorate is used against white fly and jassids.

At the time of sowing apply 15 kg grains of thimet in soil to control the attack of white fly and jassids.

3. Treatment of Seed Tubers

Name of Chemical: Agallol 3.

Quantity of Chemical: 0.5%.

Time: 5 minutes.

Now, treat the seed tubers using 0.5% solution of Agallol 3 for five minutes.

Size of the Seed Tubers: Generally, the seed tubers of 4 – 6 cm size are sown, because the seed tubers of this size are found from virus free potato plants.

4. Covering Seeds

Seed tubers are immediately covered with soil.

Using Weedicide: Weedicides are used to control the weeds. It reduces the possibilities of attack of virus.

5. Inspection of Crop in Field

First Inspection: It is done 20 days after sowing.

Second Inspection: It is done after the removal or cutting of stem or stalk of potato crop.

Diseased plants are removed.

Other plant varieties are also removed from the main field.

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6. Application of Metasystox

Time: December.

Quantity: 0.5%.

The time of attack of aphid may be changed by the different climatic factors. To manage this, Metasystox should be applied in the first week of December.

7. Stopping Irrigation

Irrigation should be checked on the third week of December.

8. Cutting or Removal of Stalk

Time of Cutting of Stalk: Stalk of potatoes are cut in the last week of December or the first week of January.

Cutting of New Buds:New buds are also cut immediately the after emergence. It is done so virus can’t be spread by the aphids.

9. Harvesting and Curing

Harvesting: Crop is harvest 10 – 15 days after the cutting of stalk.

Curing: Curing is done for 10 days.

Explanations of Post Related Words


Aphids are sap sucking insects. These are small creature. Aphids are the  members of the superfamily Aphidoidea.


Curing is the toughening or hardening of potato tubers.


It is an organophosphate.
The chemical is used as Insecticide and acaricide.


It is also an organophosphate, and used as Insecticide and acaricide.


Tuber is a modified portion of a plant. Generally, it is stem. It is round shaped.


It is the part of a plant. Example > Stem of potato.

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Multiple Choice Questions on Seed Plot Technique of Potato

Question 01. The seed plot technique in potato is adopted for/to..?

(a). Produce disease free potato seeds.
(b). Producing large size potato.
(c). The production of high quality tubers.
(d). Higher yield.

Answer: Produce disease free potato seeds.

Question 02. The sowing time for SPT potato crop is..?

(a). First week of October.
(b). Second week of October.
(c). Third week of October.
(d). Fourth week of October.

Answer: Third week of October.

Question 03. Metasystox is a..?

(a). Contact Insecticide.
(b). Systemic insecticide.
(c). Both a and b.
(d). None of the above.

Answer: Systemic insecticide.

Question 04. The first inspection in Seed Plot Technique is done..?

(a). It is ten days after the planting of potato tubers.
(b). Fifteen days after the planting of potato tubers.
(c). Twenty five days after the planting of potato tubers.
(d). It is twenty days after the planting of potato tubers.

Answer: It is twenty days after the planting of potato tubers.

Question 05. Curing in harvested potato tubers..?

(a). It is done for 20 days.
(b). Done for only 15 days.
(c). It is done for 25 days.
(d). Curing practice is done for 10 days.

Answer: Curing practice is done for 10 days.

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