Why Farmers Deserve Pension

Why Farmers Deserve Pension?

India is one of the major agriculture country in the world. If we say that the foundation of this country rests on agriculture, then it will not be wrong.

But it is a matter of greatest misfortune for this country that today the worst condition is of those farmers who are the backbone of agriculture and the country.

For: Why Farmers Deserve Pension?

The largest population in our country is from middle class families. The main occupation of these families is job.

If we talk about the jobs available in private institutions, then in these jobs, there is no system of pension for employees after the job.

Whereas the State and Central Governments benefit their employees with pension scheme after retirement.

Here, it is not necessary that every person who claims to be a farmer should get the pension.

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In order to get pension as a farmer, the farmers should have following qualifications:

(1). Farmers who have been cultivated for at least two seasons of the year for 35 – 45 years.


  • In such a situation, they should have the certificate of the Panchayat.
  • Farmers of all classes.

(2). Who has got crop insurance for all the seasons of those years, which proves that that particular person is an agriculturist.


  • Long term farming and crop insurance.
  • Farmers of all classes.

In such a cases, they should have a certificate from the insurance company.

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(3). A particular person who has been doing advanced agriculture following the  guidelines given by government departments and, certified private institutions related to agriculture during his agricultural work throughout the years.

  • Long duration cultivation.
  • Farmers of all classes.

In these cases farmers should have the certificate issued by the concerned department.

(4). Advanced and big farmers who pay taxes continuously to the government

  • Long duration cultivation.
  • Farmers of all classes.

In such a situation, the proof of paying tax should be with the farmer.

For: Why Farmers Deserve Pension?

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By whom should pension be given?

  • State government.
  • central government.

Why should they be given pension?

Many schemes are prepared by the Central and State Governments through their different departments from the point of view of development of farmers. All types of plans from small to big are prepared for each financial year.

The budgets of these schemes range from lakhs to crores.  Examples of some of these schemes are as follows:

  • Road Construction.
  • Water conservation scheme.
  • Housing construction plan.
  • Agricultural extension scheme.
  • Garden extension plan.
  • Old age pension scheme.

The budget of all these schemes is made in the name of development.

The government makes the plan, the budget is decided, the budget is drawn by the departments in the form of money, now it is the turn to take it to the beneficiaries through the schemes.

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Now the problem starts from here (given below).  Let us understand with examples-

Example 01: Road Construction Scheme

  • Budget: In crores.
  • Construction work: Inferior quality. 

The roads deteriorated within a few years, which proves that this work has been done with the least cost.

Here not only the common people but the government also knows that the entire budget money has not been invested in the scheme.

Now that the entire part of this money is not used in development works, the budget of these schemes should be fixed by the government according to a calculation, and the additional money should be secured for the future of the farmers.

Result: Positive result.

Example 02: Watershed Development Scheme

The prime example of this is the construction of ponds in villages.  The depth of the ponds which are constructed in the villages in the name of water conservation is negligible to the standard digging depth.  But the budget for the completion of the construction work is shown in full.

Undoubtedly, weakness of system is responsible for this.

Therefore, here the budget of these schemes should be fixed by the government according to a calculation, and the extra money should be secured for the future of the farmers.

Result: Positive result.

Example 03: Housing Construction Scheme

Same as in example 01 and 02.

Example 04 and 05: Schemes of Agriculture and Horticulture Department

Agriculture and Horticulture, both these departments are related with farmers.

Schemes related to agriculture and horticulture are made by the government according to the interests of the farmers.

These are termed as agriculture extension.

Schemes come, but only 15 – 30% of the scheme reaches the farmers.

Result: Negative result.

Example 06: Old Age Pension Scheme

The amount of the pension scheme directly reaches the beneficiary’s account.

Therefore, the Farmer’s Pension scheme should be implemented in exactly the same way.

Are farmers eligible for ‘Farmer Pension Yojana’ or Farmer Pension Scheme’?

No doubt farmers are eligible for this scheme.  Because the real farmer does not have time for useless works other than farming.  This is also confirmed by the minister of the government himself.

For: Why Farmers Deserve Pension?

Pension in India is implemented for its employees after retirement by the government.

However, government employees appointed after 2004 will not get this benefit. But apparently nothing like this is going to happen.

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