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Terms and conditions

Condition 01: Copy and paste

Type: Very strict (fully restricted)

No copy-paste work including words, sentences, phrases or any other contents. Don’t waste your time on copying and pasting it. Your contents will never be approved.

So, write your own original post using your own words and best of knowledge.

Condition 02: No Copyrighted Materials

Type: Very strict

No copyright-material is accepted. Conditions are same as condition 01.

Condition 03: Contents

It should not focus on only one topic (Post should be elaborated and problem solving). MCQs contents require references as well as explanations wherever necessary.

Don’t send us purchased contents.

Condition 04: Good Grammer

Good grammer is necessary.

*Note: These are current terms and conditions, and may be changed when needed.

*Payable amount= Payment to author(s)

List of Open Articles/Posts

Topic 01: Drip irrigation and installation complete guide


  • Post in active voice
  • All important things about drip irrigation
  • Step by step installation
  • It should cover all information within 2500 – 3000 words
Minimum WordsPayable Amount
2500 – 3000100.00
Contents are reviewed within a week

Topic 02: MCQ on Agricultural Extension


  • Format: Multiple Choice Objective Questions with Answer Key
  • Exam pattern: Current
  • New and important questions
  • ICAR Based Syllabus
  • Memory based question
Payable Amount

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