JRF Horticulture Important Questions

JRF Horticulture: Important Questions

JRF Horticulture Questions

  • NRC in floriculture: Pune
  • ISI new name: Bureao of Indian standards
  • Rastrapati garden designer: Sir Edward Glutis
  • SO2 toxicity indicater plant: Epiphytic lichens

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JRF Floriculture

  • CMS observed in ageratum
  • Heliconia family: Musaceae
  • Glandiforum rose: hybrid tea × floribunda
  • International flowe market: Aalsmeer Netherland
  • Non endospermic seeds: Orchid
  • International bougenville registration authority: IARI New delhi
  • Chilling injury sp.: Catalleya sp.(orchid)
  • Sita ashok: Saraca indica
  • Sand garden: Royanji
  • Presevative in cut flower: Foriscent 5000
  • Modern method of oil extraction: Micro incapsulation
  • Non tunicate bulb: Lilly
  • Ethylene injury resistant: Gerbera
  • Limp neck is disorder: Rose
  • Fluoride toxicity: Gladiolous
  • Major problem in gladiolous: Fusarium wilt
  • Genetic male sterility in marigold is govern by single recessive gene
  • Largest area under flowers in India: Jasmine

Landscape gardening

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  • Lawn weed: Cyprus rotundus
  • Lawn seed rate: 2.5g/m2
  • Lawn disease fairy ring is due to fungi
  • Cultural operation promotes production of big size flower: Disbudding

JRF Pomology

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  • Cross of Pusa Lalima: Dashehari x Sensation
  • Pusa apple root stok: M.baccata var. shillong
  • Vapour heat treatment in mango: 47.5% (inner core)
  • Anthracnose resistant mango: M. lavrina
  • most recent classification of mango-Kosterman and Bompard (1993) 63 sp.
  • Cause of irregular bearing in mango – all of these
  • Fluctuation in temperature during flowering in North india causes:
  • Pre selection criteria in mango: dwarfness
  • 1st Synthetic seed production in banana: BARC Mumbai
  • Highely polyembryonic Citrus sp.: Citrus unsui (Satsuma mandrin)
  • Grape tenturier variety: Pusa Navrang
  • Papaya transgenic cultivar: Rainbow
  • Pectin is measured by jelmeter
  • Tomato ketchep is preserved by sodium benzoate
  • Pineappale is a CAM plant
  • Pomegranate variety daru is resistant to Bacterial blight
  • Non climatric fruit is Carambola

Fruit science

  • Dichotomous branching habit: Karonda
  • Phyllanthoid branching habit: Aonla
  • Apple progenator: Malus sieversii
  • Apple apomictic resistant seed
  • oxy flavour of grape is due to methyl anthranilate
  • Z. numularia is vulnerable to bottle neck dissorder
  • Annnona muricata is protandry
  • Type of pollination in custard apple is artificial
  • Size of apple (cm) pitto is < 55 mm
  • Kidds and West coined the term climacteric

Black heart physiological disorder is seen in pineapple.
Co-dominant molecular marker: SSR
Clonal characterization: ISSR and SSR

Breeding of horticultural crops

  • Auxin is the cause of apical dominance
  • Distant cytoplasm combination: anthur culture
  • Forest area reserve: Insitu conservation
  • Meristem culture is related to the production of virus free plant
  • Node having roots: sucker/runner/creeper/rambler
  • Sexual dimorphism is present in beetlevine
  • Pungency in black pepper is due to piperine
  • Diploid apogamy: Onion


  • Vaccum cooling is done for leafy vegetables
  • Problem in vaccum transportation of flower
  • Coconut leaf decomposer worm spp.: Endrillus
  • Cause of raw manures is aerobic decomposition in high temp.
  • Apple starch index for maturity is 4
  • Dwarf banana ready to harvest in 11-12 months
  • Grape variety suitable for champaign is raselling
  • Chilling treatment of subtropical peach is 150 hours
  • Number of bee hives per hactare in apple orchard should be 3-4
  • Element involved in translocation of sugar is K
  • Spacing for meadow orchading of guava 1 × 2 m
  • Palam hriday is variety of radish
  • okra is used as a trap crop

Vegetable crops

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  • Solidity is maturity indices of leafy vegetable
  • Origin of rhubarb is Siberia
  • S.I. in cabbage is sporophytic
  • Heat unit maturity indices is adopted for Garden pea
  • Amaranthus is a C-4 plant
  • Beet root colour is due to Betalin
  • Hypocotyle cracking /necrosis is a disorder of french bean
  • Mutation breeding of French bean: Pusa parvati
  • Summer squash is a Non tendril cucurbit
  • Musk melon harvested for distant market – at half slip stage


  • Non lobed type genetic marker: Watermelon
  • Lima bean is butter bean
  • Kufri jyoti is registant to late blight
  • Cauliflower cultivar resistant to black rot: Pusa shubhra
  • Root Knot Nematode governing gene in tomato is mi gene
  • Potato Root knot nematode resistant spp. is S. magila
  • Onion is a low respiration vegetable
  • 3 ppm boron is used for induction of male flower in carrot


  • Vivipary is the germination of seed in mother plant
  • Greater lake is a crisp head lettuce variety
  • Carrot foundation seed isolation distance is 1000 m
  • Largest producer of organic spice is Srilanka
  • Biological control in black pepper: Tricoderma/Pseudomonas
  • India is the largest producer of turmeric
  • India is the largest exporter of black pepper
  • Ginger seed rate is 1500-1800 kg/ha

Horticulture important topics

  • Rio de jenerio is a variety of Ginger
  • Rubber plant population is 245-450 plant/ha
  • Hisar sonali is dual purpose variety of fenugreek
  • Closd flower buds are the economic part of clove economic part-
  • Konkan sughandi is the variety of Nutmeg
  • VTCH-1 is beetlevine dwarf rootstok
  • Baroja is the trailing system in beetlevine
  • Karnataka is the highest producer of coffe

Plantation crops

  • High yield variety of tea: UPASI-10 (drought and wind resistant)
  • Thyme major problem
  • Indonesia is the oil-palm’s largest producer
  • Oil palm acid: Palmetic acid
  • Criollo is the finest quality cocoa
  • Areca triandra is an species of arecanut
  • Commercial method of propagation in cashew nut is soft wood grafting.

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